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Patient Success Stories

Southwest Rehab understands that regaining independence is vital to quality of life. Because of this, we are committed to providing therapy of the highest quality to our patients. Our goal is to partner with you in your healthcare.

" When I came to SW Rehab I had a lot of pain and weakness in my shoulders.  Now I am able to do activities without pain and I am stronger!  Thanks to the team, you helped me get back to doing what I want.  You made me feel comfortable....and thanks to the ladies at front are welcoming and friendly."

-Jamal G.


"" I was having severe Neck and Lower back pain! After one week of PT, I noticed a BIG improvement.  I was ready to go the ER because of the pain before PT.  I can sit and read WITHOUT pain and also walk without pain.  At completion of PT I feel like a new man! Thanks for the great care!"

-William R.


" I came to Southwest because I was experiencing bilateral wrist pan.  After my six sessions completing various activities, my wrist pain has diminished to the point where it no longer bothers me.  I was able to see and feel my progress and that was awesome!  I would love to thank the whole crew for making this place feel homey!  Great atmosphere!     5 out of 5 stars." 

-Elian M.


"After three Shoulder surgeries I was not looking forward to more Physical Therapy.  The crew at Southwest Rehab were so helpful and kind.  I almost looked forward to my PT appointments.  Thank you for all your help getting my shoulder like new and feeling so much better.  You are the BEST!"

-Marla B.


" When I first came to Southwest Rehab, my balance was off.  I had trouble lifting things and I couldn't write.  But I knew SW Rehab was the best choice.  I can write, lift, and my balance is better!  I want to thank the whole team for helping me!  Southwest Rehab is the BEST!"

- Eddie H.


" When I started my PT, it was so difficult to raise my arm and I was unable to open a jar.  I couldn't sleep on my right side.  I am leaving able to do all this and much more!  I am so grateful to the Southwest Physical Therapy team for their outstanding service.  You are my HEROES!  Thank you!"

-Ana P.


"Following knee replacement surgery, I requested Southwest Rehab.  Having used them years ago I was confident that they were the best.  In the beginning, I had great difficulty with movement; but due to the excellent care and therapy, I have progressed wonderfully!  I am confident that with time I will be completely restored to normal.
Thank you to the team who helped and assisted me!"

-Karen G.


"When I first came to rehab I was hurting pretty much all down my back.....but as I came in the first few weeks it seemed that the therapy was helping and soon I didn't have pain at all!  Every body is friendly and helpful!  They gave me exercises to do at home and I will continue because I see how much the exercises have helped!"

-Jean V.


" Before PT I was struggling to get through the day.  As a teacher I needed to be able to move through desks and help students.  Throughout PT they have helped me learn how to stand and work again.  How to move safely and get back my movement I thought I lost after my hospital stay.  Thank you Southwest Rehab for everything! You are Amazing!"

-Kathrine K.


" Professional,  One-on-One attention!"

-Angelica H.


"I was referred to Southwest Rehab due to dizziness, unsteadiness, and balance issues related to vestibular nerve damage.   I am literally dizzy almost constantly and unsteady with movement.  It is very difficulty to walk without assistance.  While the damage is considered permanent, the goal of the PT was to make me safe.  I am truly grateful for Southwest's expertise in planning an exercise program to assist in alleviating some the the issues.   I feel so much more confident in being able to move about safely at home and in the community with the assistance of a roller walker that was recommended for my use.   The warm friendly atmosphere and the kind and caring staff members make this experience comforting and so beneficial for me!"

-Betty B.


" Before I came to Southwest Rehab I had little range of motion in my Left shoulder.  I was not able to lift my arm above my head.  Thanks to the team, I now have may range of motion back as well as more strength in my shoulder.  Thank You!"

-Michael S.


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